Live On The Fly In Studio Recording/Demos

Getting ready to play live & wondering how you sound? Thinking about making an album but unsure about anything? Everything?

Introducing our new “Live on the Fly” recording/demo service!

1.    You’ll come in, either set up your gear or use ours (see equipment page for list)

2.    We’ll set you up with an amazing headphone mix – fully customizable for each band member (see notes below)

3.    You’ll play, rehearse, jam, write, argue, make up & we’ll record it all and prepare a professional mix on the fly

4.    When you’re done you’ll have the songs ready to listen to

5.    If the “Magic” happens, then you're on your way to making your next album, or hit song, the tracks are already being recorded professionally & they will be ready to continue to be worked on (see notes below)

No more P.A. systems that feedback! You’ll actually be able to HEAR yourselves! That band mate who constantly turns his amp up CAN in his headphone mix but not YOURS! No more blowing out or straining your vocal chords! You PLAY, we’ll take care of the rest!

*If you still aren't sold on the crystal clear sound of headphones, a P.A. can be made available


·      Live Package: $35/Hour

- An Engineer/Studio Staff

- Up to 16 inputs (tracks) at once (live)

- Use of any of our available equipment (amps, instruments, microphones, etc.)

- Professional headphone mix with individual controls/mixers for band members (max. 4 individual mixers)

- Complete EQ-ing &  general mixing of levels during performance (upgradable, see below)

- You will have listenable great sounding tracks available right after the session (in some cases the next day if extra time is added on)


Notes: Since the focus of this package is to capture the full band/artists all at once & live, the studio staff will use the microphones, recording techniques & isolation tactics to ensure that your project sounds the best it can sound live. In many ways this is how our favorite recordings of old have been done, released & celebrated as a classics. This was an amazing time for musicians & recording studios. The amazing detail here is that we will be recording on individual tracks and can fix, re-record, overdub etc. unlike the old "live to 2-track" days. There may be some sound bleed on other tracks & you still may hear remnants of a track if you choose to delete or re-record it through other microphones in the room but we find this usually is minimal enough & tends to add "vibe".

If, after the live session, you captured pure "Magic", and you want to continue working on tracks by adding overdubs, re-recording, editing, etc. your project will most likely change to our "regular rates" going forward. We will do our best to work with you in any way we can & your Engineer or the Studio Manager will discuss the options with you before moving forward. This also applies to the "Mixing" portion of the package. If you decide you'd like to spend more time on the mixing, either before the project or session or after, discuss this with the Studio Staff.

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